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Get a head start on your training now in your home!

Let me help you ​avoid potential future problems!

Can't commit to a class schedule?

I will come to you:

In-Home Puppy

Kindergarten Session

Intensive consult that covers all questions and concerns the new puppy owner may have!

All my training is positive, reward-based and geared to FUN for everyone

In Home Puppy Kindergarten Session


I will go over all you need to know about living with, training and communicating with your new puppy. Including nutrition, appropriate chew toys, necessary equipment, mouthing, jumping, house training, crate training, creating rules and boundaries and setting yourself up with correct leadership skills from the start. Avoid problem behaviors by setting good groundwork and foundation from the start!


Puppy owners often expect an endless trail of troubles – including soiled rugs, chewed clothing, and ruined furniture and more – when they get their new puppy. It doesn’t have to be that way! My goal is to have you better understand your dog and to use better management and training techniques to obtain the benefits of a well trained, well socialized dog.

It is never too early to start your puppy off right by learning good manners in a fun way

A recipe for a confident, friendly & well behaved pup!

This is a must for anyone with a new puppy!

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