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"Cindy was such a lifesaver!

"We adopted Kugel as an adult from a dog rescue group. Even though she is the sweetest dog ever, we were at our wit's end with housebreaking issues...

and we've had dogs before. Cindy came to our home, met our whole family, and instructed all of us in how to make the adjustment smooth for Kugel and us. Cindy quickly responded to any emails and voice mails which was beneficial during the training process. Kugel is now fully housebroken and we're ALL happy. Thank you Cindy!"

-Sherri B / Franklin Lakes, NJ

Hi, Cindy:

Our lessons with you have helped tremendously! We have a much quieter home! I still have to practice the lessons more with Faith, but she is a calmer young lady! I had to take her to the Vet for a shot and mentioned I was working with a trainer. They asked me who and I said, "Cindy Mauro." She said you had an excellent reputation and had just handed out two of your cards to other owners. I will be contacting you to book some more lessons, but I want to work with her a little more. I will talk to you soon! Again, thanks for all your help!

- Mary Lou & "Faith" / Ringwood, NJ


I adopted one year old Watson, a Chihuahua mix, from a shelter. At the time I knew he was incredibly shy and fearful of humans as he grew up in an outside pen with many other dogs. At first I thought I could handle him based on my past experience, but soon I became less confident as there was little progress. After checking out area trainers and asking friends for recommendations, I reached out to Cindy. From that first call to our training sessions - it has been a great experience. Cindy helped us (Watson and I) identify the problems and what we should work on first to build trust. What I appreciated most about the training is that it helped build my confidence so that I could continue even after the sessions stopped. Cindy has been a great help even afterwards and I would recommend her to everyone looking for help with their animal family members. The classes were fun and tailored to our needs and even my older Chihuahua learned along the way. Thank you Cindy. – Chris / Ridgewood, NJ



That’s the best way we can compose to compliment and recommend Cindy Mauro for dog (and OWNER) training.

We faced the tricky situation of bringing two Rescues into a household where a devoted 13+ year-old had the world pretty much unto himself…

While the initial signs were all positive, we knew we needed an experienced (and non-biased) person to observe, sense, reason with and recommend action. We have found this and more in Cindy.

One of the most refreshing elements of working with Cindy? She plays it ABSOLUTELY STRAIGHT. No sugar coating if stiffer medicine (really, for the owner) is needed. You could call it tough love; we call it caring, above and beyond.

Our two Rescues came from a hoarding environment…30 others, little human contact or genuine stimulation.

Well, four months later we can happily report steady, albeit “baby step” progress.

Another item worth mentioning about Cindy: We have no doubt driven her a bit crazy with our constant communications. Each and every time we have had a question, or wanted to provide an update, Cindy has responded within minutes…yes, minutes. She IS “compassionate professionalism.”

We are fortunate to have Cindy in our orb.

- Joe and Punnie Donohue / Hawthorne NJ


We contacted Cindy a few months after our son was born, when our old english bulldog, Bubbles, started showing signs of jealousy. Bubbles was having trouble assimilating to the new environment in our home and started acting out with other dogs as well (something she never used to do). We weren't sure if we were going to be able to keep her. Cindy was able to show us some wonderful tools for making sure Bubbles felt secure in her surroundings but also taught us how to be in control of the situation. We feel that our situation now has greatly improved thanks to Cindy's knowledge and are so thankful for her training sessions (and for all the sometimes emotional phone calls and emails in between).Her teaching style is easy to follow and her methods actually work. We even got printouts to refer to after the training sessions were over.

I would absolutely refer Cindy to anyone I know who is having issues with their pet. She is organized, reliable, and most importantly, effective!

- Andrea & Eric B. / Mahwah, NJ


We adopted Max 3 years ago, and he was a very anxious, reactive dog. He couldn't be trusted not to bite, and was aggressive towards people, and other dogs. After working with 3 other trainers (with little progress), we were referred to Cindy. Her positive approach to training, and easy to understand and implement training tools have made a huge difference with Max. He is now calmer, and we have taught him, with Cindy's help, how to focus on us and not all the anxiety inducing distractions in his life. He is a much happier dog, and we are a much happier family! I would Highly recommend Cindy to anyone who needs some help with their canine family members!

- Ken & Wendy R. / N Haledon, NJ


We are very happy to have found Cindy! We've worked with Cindy both in a private lesson for our shy rescue dog, Chloe, and in group lessons for our puppy, Bo. Cindy clearly loves dogs and is passionate about helping their development. She is a subject matter expert and generous in sharing her knowledge.

When I first called Cindy to schedule a private lesson, I was very concerned about Chloe's fearfulness and behavior but unsure how to address the situation. By the time I hung up the phone, I felt reassured and excited about working with Cindy.

In the private lesson, Cindy took a detailed history, gave us many practical tips for working with Chloe, demonstrated techniques, and e-mailed a thorough recap of the lesson. We have been working with Chloe and have already seen improvements.

In group lessons, too, Cindy has been fantastic! Bo and I have both learned a lot just from Puppy Kindergarten, and I am looking forward to Basic Training. Cindy knows so much about dog behavior, and she is happy to share what she knows. Thanks, Cindy!

- Krissie & Marc H. & "Bo" & "Chloe" - Glen Rock, NJ


-Thanks again for your help with Chloe. Your tips for getting her to warm up to my brother-in-law were fantastic. After a couple of visits with Seth (following your instructions), there was a major breakthrough, described in the email below. – Krissie H.

- Forgot to let you know that Seth is thrilled (no lesser word will do) that Chloe let him scratch her under her chin. He has told me several times of the incident and the excitement never lessens. He gives full credit to your dog whisperer. – Harriet H.


Cindy-- I wanted to thank you for the tremendous support you have been with my new dog, and all the accompanying issues.You have been a truly valuable resource--I can't tell you how much I appreciate your advice, and your willingness to share your contacts to make sure Janey (and I) are as successful as possible. I'm learning about a whole new world of care and kindness for our animal friends--please know that if I can support your efforts, I am happy to do so. Janey has been a great experience for me, in many more ways than your usual "pet" and "owner" relationship. Thank you so much.

- Cyndy U. & “Janey” / Mahwah, NJ


When our breeder told us that Rex was a “high energy breed”, she wasn’t kidding! In addition, Rex was the busiest puppy in the litter when we went to choose our dog. We had no idea how to “manage” Rex when we got him home. Enter Cindy and Puppy-Kindergarten, then some home-training with Cindy and VOILA,…

We are happy to report that Rex has gone from a counter-surfing, sock and small toy thief who was constantly being put into the crate or the back yard, because we could not deal with him--to a dog who is able to participate in our family life without upending everything and everyone constantly AND the best part is he curls up at our feet for the night and just sleeps until we all go to bed!

Although he still has his moments, it is usually because we have not kept up with Cindy’s management suggestions!

- Lucia & Josh D. / Ridgewood, NJ

"Cindy combines her skill to teach, her love for animals and a level of professionalism that comes from a past corporate career. I believe her talent really stems from her passion that any animal can be trained with enjoyable behaviour. I learned from Cindy the key is training the handler (dog owner). She does not want to be the hero that can get your dog to behave. Her focus is to make you, the handler, be successful.

Hands down, her approach and style is the best! She is available to support you in a drop of an email. And she proactively sends the best informative tips Thank you Cindy. I can't wait to learn more in 3 weeks!

- Beth S. / Ramsey NJ


Cindy Mauro Dog Training was a referred to us by a friend who was pleased with her method of training.

Zoe is almost a year old English Springer Spaniel who was developing some bad behavior problems, i.e: racing out the door when it was opened, jumping-up and barking at guest, poor eating habits and excessive pulling on her leash when taking for walks.

Cindy Mauro had a sit-down consultation with my wife and I to list all the problems that we would like to correct. Step-by-step in each training session Cindy would address and showed us how to correct the unwanted behavior, and with work on our part following her recommendations Zoe no longer exhibiting these unwanted behaviors.

We would highly recommend Cindy if you need help with your dog, you wouldn't be disappointed.

- Joel & Andrea & Zoe B. / Greenwood Lake NY

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