Cindy Mauro Dog Training  - Personalized Training in the Convenience of Your Home  CPDT-KA
Dog Training
customized to
your needs!
I know your schedule is busy and that can make it difficult to travel to a training class.
Why not let me come to your home when it is convenient for you? You can quickly improve your success by getting personalized training in the familiar surroundings of your own home, yard and neighborhood.
With private training, you are not confined to a set curriculum of a group class, where you may struggle with a pace that is too fast, too slow or too distracting to concentrate. I will customize your training to target your specific needs in the shortest time possible.
Convenient sessions scheduled  to fit your lifestyle.
"Real life training" - practical helpful solutions to YOUR specific problems!
Cindy Mauro Dog Training
Shelter dogs are made not born, please train your dog!
Dog Training in Bergen County/ Northern NJ, Orange/Rockland Counties NY.
Puppy Training, Basic Training/Good Manners
Behavior Modification
Reward-based training is fun, quick, and proven to build a relationship of trust for you and your dog. 
I will help you to  connect with your dog and teach him
The Basics:
  • house training help
  • leadership skills
  • come when called, sit, down, focus / attention
  • walk nicely on a leash without pulling
  • sit-stay, down-stay
  • greet people nicely without jumping
Behavior Modification Training:
I will give you the tools to resolve troublesome problems from puppy issues to guarding behaviors,& aggression, using positive-motivation methods that are humane and effective to ensure  successful results!
Contact me today to schedule a consultation, lesson or for more information.
Unlimited phone & email support.
Discounts offered for multiple sessions.
Veterinary recommended.
Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT)
Fully insured!
"When you use punishment, you're taking withdrawals out of the trust account"
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